Magdalena F.Merino Back


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Bronze-Corten steel

250 X 80 X 60 cm



The trip, or passage through life, is symbolised by the astrolabe (the design placed in the steel plank), a navigation tool used for orientation, which allows to determine the height of a star and use it to deduce the time and also the latitude.

The human figure on top is the one that decodes this trip with the help of the device, which represents the different decisions that need to be made during our existence to be able to travel through it. The trip is decoded when we decipher the true purpose each person comes to fulfil in this life. However, the outer being of each person sometimes is sacrificed to protect the inner being from the colonization of the outer invaders, and like this, getting to be the only sovereign of our own conscience. Sometimes all of us are accomplished actors, representing a role to be able to live in                                                                      peace, and safe from the judgements of others.